10x magnification scale bar

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1. Obtain a slide scale and position it on your scope. A transparent metric ruler will work as well. 2. Bring it into focus using the 10x objective (100x total). The scale bars are increments of 1mm as shown in the figure below. Thus, a black bar = 0.5mm as does a space. 3.

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Nov 16, 2020 · Very Slightly Included (2nd Degree) – VS2 clarity inclusions are almost always noticeable at 10x magnification but are usually invisible to the naked eye. Click Here to See Original Stone: SI1: Slightly Included (1st Degree) – SI1 Clarity inclusions are easily found under magnification.

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What does magnificatin mean? How do you use scale bar to solve various problem?

Dec 15, 2020 · Magnification And Scale Bar Youtube. ... Motic Smz 140 Fbgg 10x 40x Zoom Stereo Microscope. 1 2 Applications And Skills 1 2 2 Practical 1 Light Microscopy. The measurement scale is made of glass and has a graduation 0.1 mm with a measuring length of 30 mm. The housing contains a ring consisting of 8 LEDs, which provides for a bright and high-contrast illumination of the measuring field.